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Store Background

We are a subsidiary of 6 Degree Design Workshop. We build this platform to help small business to jumpstart their Digital Strategy. In order to identify the need of small business. We try to promote and sell headphone and AV products. All the profit we make in this platform spend on making this platform better. To help us to provide better multi-channel sale channel, please tell your friends to buy their next headphone and AV accessories here or set up their multi-channel store using our platform and allow us to continue to enhance the platform for SME for free. Thanks!!!

Brand Story / Mission

We believe that good music can cure your soul and stimulate your imagination. We also believe your ears deserve the best products on the market to match. We will continue to work closely with our partners to provide high quality products with reasonable prices. Let together we explore and find a good listening experience.

Store Phone number: (852) - 91001288

Instant message: (WhatsApp) 91001288

Store Address: 20-22, Bonham Road, Hong Kong

Store List

  • Causeway Bay Flag Ship Store  

    • G/F
    • 66 Causeway Rd, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
    • Hong Kong Island 

    Virtual SOHO  

    • 5/F
    • 66 Causeway Rd, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
    • Hong Kong Island 

About Us

About HeadMando

We wish to earn enough income to build our system to provide better service to different stores and shoppers. Please support us by buying from us. All profit from this store will be use to enhance this platform only.

Our Mission

We aspire to find best of breed products that fit different need and different price point. We also work hard tailor our promotions and bundle for our VIP customers. All our customers are VIPs.

Our Values

(1) We experiment different products to understand their strength weakness (2) We search high and low to find great product and introduce them in HK market (3) We are willing to lower price on-Demand in order make our customer happy.