Partner With Us

Early Stage Investor

We are looking for early stage investor to work with us to enhance and scale our platform. We cordially invite you allocate a small percentage of your wealth to invest in our venture.

Let's work together to scale our multi-channel shopping platform to enable buying and selling in a more frictionless manner.

Value Added Partners

We are also looking for Institution interested in expanding their Omni-Channel Retail business. If your company wishes to partner with us to capture new market and opportunities.

Please don't hesitate to leave us a message and suggest how we can work together.

Early Adopter Program

If you are using our platform and want us to rollout new capabilities that can help you to promote your offerings. Please consider to join our Early adopter program or Sponsorship program.

Early Adopter program allows you can pay a one time fee of 360 USD, you can have perpetual access to our Premium Store Subscription Plan. Early Adopter will also allow you to obtain more direct support from our team also.

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